reaching milestones + revisiting the Indigo smock dress

Hello everyone! I’m writing today because I wanted to commemorate a milestone that I’m rather proud of – reaching 5,000 followers on Instagram! I definitely did not previously imagine this happening when I first started this blog and instagram account, but it’s definitely a huge motivator and affirmation that I am, in fact, reaching people through sharing my creativity and passion! I started this blog … Continue reading reaching milestones + revisiting the Indigo smock dress

zadie jumpsuit | sew satisfying!

So I’m currently in the process of getting ready to move apartments here in Houston, so I’ve been spending a lot less time crafting and more time sorting through what I’ve accumulated in the last four years. Needless to say, I have almost an entire gallon sized Ziploc bag filled with unused pens, highlighters, etc — note to self: stop buying writing utensils!! The Zadie … Continue reading zadie jumpsuit | sew satisfying!

#SewHappyColor || Vogue 9259 Jumpsuit

Soooo beyond excited to announce that I’m collaborating with some amazing makers for a month of #SewHappyColor! Over the next few weeks, our fearless leader, Katie Kortman will be chatting about topics like color theory and creative ways to play with color in your sewing and styling. Each week this month will cover different colors, which I hope to blog about each week as well! … Continue reading #SewHappyColor || Vogue 9259 Jumpsuit