Hello all! Hoping on the blog today to share how I’m celebrating one of my favorite holidays – Friendsgiving! While Thanksgiving is (of course) a major holiday, I have a soft spot in my heart for Friendsgiving, which i’ve had the pleasure of celebrating with my college classmates and medical school classmates year after year. While this year may be a little tougher to gather with friends, I decided to put together this DIY project with the help of JOANN Fabrics.

In this project, I made two DIYs using fabrics from JOANN, an oven mitt as well as an apron! I also added some fun cookie cutters to the box. Ideally, these DIYs could help you to celebrate Friendsgiving together no matter the distance! I’m planning on a Zoom Friendsgiving call with some of my best friends from college πŸ™‚

For the oven mitt, I chose an orange flannel and batting, and used a free oven mitt pattern that I found online. I also used some glittery twine for the hanging loop. This came together in less than an hour, and I think it would make for a satisfying batch-sewing project.

For the apron, I used linen-blend also from JOANN and followed along with the York Pinafore Apron expansion from Helen’s Closet. There are tons of free apron patterns on the internet, this is simply one that I already had prepared in my pattern collection! I love the big pockets and the drape and weight of this fabric is perfect for aprons. I’ve used this linen-blend in almost every single color offered and it’s one of my absolute favorite fabrics to work with.

I love how all the colors came together for this project! I hope you all find a way to share this micro-holiday with your loved ones. With this box, you just need some yummy food (maybe even take out) and your favorite bottle of wine.

Cheers friends!


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