Who says we can’t dress up? – Stylemaker Fabrics Spring Tour

Greetings, friends! Today’s blog silence is finally broken — courtesy of the fabulous people behind Style Maker Fabrics. They graciously allowed me to choose any of their amazing *new* spring fabrics to play with, and I chose two flowy substrates.

The first one is this beautiful watercolor spring floral rayon poplin! This fabric is perfect for swish-y, dramatic dresses, which I chose to make, but it would also be excellent for culottes, jumpsuits, skirts, and so forth.


Typically, I make the effort to go outside to get tons of natural light into my photos, but given the recent pandemic, it was much more socially responsible to take these from the comfort of my sewing studio. I’ve been quietly remodeling it over the past couple of months so I’m glad that I’ve been able to make it a beautiful space to showcase on the blog 🙂


I chose to make *the* Vogue dress with the deep V-neck in the front! No modifications, in the midi length and in a size medium. The specific pattern is Vogue 9253.


Regarding the fabric itself, I’m obsessed with how the fabric moves! I had a blast dancing around my apartment. The fabric is soft to touch and opaque, which I definitely look for when choosing fabrics for dresses as I hate adding lining (lol is this just me??) It was actually quite easy to sew with given that it’s such a flowy, lightweight fabric, which surprised me as I almost always sew with cottons or just generally more medium-weight fabrics.


The next fabric I chose is a pretty rose polka dot in rayon crepe! This one was a little tricky to pick a pattern for because its a *teeny* bit sheer and, like I said before, I hate adding linings to fabric! However, this ended up working out really well because I can’t help but sew dramatic dresses/jumpsuits all the time, so my closet was definitely missing some casual tops. I ended up choosing the Roscoe Blouse from True Bias patterns.


You guys, I was taking these photos with just seconds of sunlight left! I tried taking some indoors but I could not nail the lighting so I set up my tripod in my doorway.


I skipped the sleeve cuffs for a little more freedom in arm movement, but may eventually add some elastic to the cuffs for a little more interest in the sleeves. I also cut off over 3 inches from the hem but it still lands at my hip! I could definitely afford another 2 inches or so for more of a cropped look.


This is going to make the perfect spring to summer transition because of how easy breezy it is! I could definitely pair this with cutoffs or white pants, or even as a swimsuit cover up. The fabric itself it such a gorgeous rosy pink, the pictures do not do it justice! I wish I could paint my whole apartment this color. This fabric is excellent for maxi dresses as well, but definitely with a lining.


Thanks for scrolling all the way to the bottom, friends! Can’t wait to show off these outfits in the real world away from my apartment, but for now, I’ll be washing my hands and scrolling through my phone like the rest of the world.

Happy crafting!



3 thoughts on “Who says we can’t dress up? – Stylemaker Fabrics Spring Tour

  1. Haha, I love how you highlighted it was “the” Vogue dress – the colour/print of the fabric goes so well with the design. Maybe even a little Palm Springs-esque? Thanks for sharing the inspo.


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