DIY Handpainted Fabric

One creative way to introduce color into your wardrobe is by choosing your own colors and painting them yourself! This is a fun way to flex your creative muscles by creating your own designs and playing with paint – something I definitely don’t do enough of. After you paint the fabric, choose a fun pattern to show off what your work! I chose a free pattern, Peppermint Ruffle Sleeve Top, and hacked it by extending the bodice to turn it into a shift dress.

Here’s a look at the final outcome:

hi neighbors please ignore me taking pics of myself on my balcony



  • 3 yards of 44″ unbleached muslin from Hobby Lobby
  • paintbrush of your choice – I had this one laying around that I purchased from a craft store, nothing too fancy!
  • paper plate (or any piece of cardboard) that will act as a paint palette – make sure it’s durable enough that the paint won’t bleed through!
  • if painting inside, a large tarp or big piece of cardboard to put underneath your fabric to protect your painting surface. Using cardboard also gives a sturdier surface which helps achieve smoother brushstrokes
  • acrylic medium for fabric
  • acrylic paints – I used red and pink tubes of Liquitex paint, chosen because it was the same brand as the fabric medium. You could definitely use any type of acrylic paint.
a closer look at the fabric medium I used!


  • prewash and dry your fabric – this is to remove any residues that may be on your fabric so that your paint will adhere well!


  • mix fabric medium with paints 1:1 – I didn’t do this using any exact measurements, I just eyeballed it
  • paint! I used the pink first, followed by the red paint.
  • allow to dry overnight! It seemed mostly dry after about 5 hours but just to be safe I waited overnight.


  • sew up your fabric into a garment to show off your work! don’t forget to take pictures 🙂


Do you all have any tips or tricks for painting your fabric? Share them below 🙂


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