York Pinafore Heart Pockets Tutorial!

What’s that, Danica? Another York Pinafore?

… alright so I’m guilty of being in love with this pattern, so it’s only fitting that I add my own little spin on this true work of genius from Helen’s Closet! So here’s another addition to my DIY Valentine’s Day series. This one I felt was a little more subtle because it isn’t all pink and what not, and is certainly more versatile for year-round wear, depending on your fabric choice.


Fabric: stretch corduroy from Joann Fabrics

Binding: cotton gingham, also from Joann Fabrics, leftover from my Selkie London skirt! The bandana/neck tie was made from this fabric as well!

If you’re interested in seeing my other York Pinafores (one in berry-dyed denim and one in flannel) make your way to my Insta @danicadoesit ! Also, my official pattern review is here!

Here’s a super quick tutorial for how to customize your pinafore

  • trace a massive heart or print one online, however big you’d like your heart to be – here’s a link to a few I found online here! Don’t forget to include about a 1/4″ seam allowance around the heart
  • cut out 2 pockets from 2 layers of fabric – there will be 4 pieces in total!
  • pin heart pockets right sides together, and begin sewing. You can pin closer to the center of the heart to leave the pins in while sewing, and so that the two pocket pieces would stay aligned while sewing.
  • I would start about halfway along one of the long straight sides and sew a straight stitch around the heart. Leave about 1.5-2 inches open so that you can flip your heart right sides out
  • Before flipping inside out, clip into the v-point of the heart, being careful not to cut through your stitching. Proceed to clip around the curves so that it will be easier to turn!
  • Flip heart inside out, and push the seams from inside the heart so that the shape begins to take place.
  • Fold the remaining small raw edges at the opening of the heart to the inside, matching the already existing seams, stitch closed at 1/4″ (you could do 1/8″ here or less, it just depends on how you like to topstitch)
  • Pin the pockets on the front of the dress where you think you’d like them to be – basically what I did next was pseudo “try on” the front dress piece aka just guess-timated placement by checking in the mirror. I also used the notch marks from the pattern itself to help in getting the pockets nice and evenly spaced.
  • Top stitch pockets in place, leaving an opening at the top to be used as pockets! I went a little bit. I topstitched 1/4″ from the edge but you could definitely do 1/8″ as well! Make sure to stitch around enough so that your pocket openings aren’t floppy!
  • Complete the rest of the garment using the given pattern instructions 🙂
  • Press, model, etc! I’d recommend an IKEA trip for all kinds of fun props – plus they sell fabric!! 

Let me know if you decide to make some fun pockets for your pinafore! These same pockets can also be made for many other dresses like the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo Dungarees and Stevie Tunic!

Happy Friday!!

Danica 💕

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