Minttu Swing Top Pattern Review || DIY Valentine’s Day Edition 🌹

So you like Valentine’s Day but don’t want to commit to an outfit that you can only wear once a year? Is it a Tuesday and you’re in need of your #TankTopTuesday fix? I took on the task of making this top from the gals over at Named Clothing —


Minttu Swing Top – Named Clothing

I actually found this pattern on sale via Indie Sew as one of their most popular patterns of 2018! This top had somehow missed my radar but I purchased during their “Most Loved” sale for a discount.

Fabric: scuba knit from High Fashion Fabrics in downtown Houston! I got a little over a yard as a remnant for about $5 — a super lucky find.

Changes: none, but oof the all-in-one facing was a mind bender! I literally attempted this 4 times and had to get real friendly with my seam ripper because I could not figure this one out. The instructions were relatively clear but I had to watch a YouTube video done by the gals over at Indie Sew to finally nail it down – link here!

The sizing was perfect, but I’m glad the scuba knit had a little stretch to it because it was a bit hard to squeeze my giant head through…. lol. The length was great as well!


Thoughts: Overall, very pleased with the final product, and I have a feeling that I’ll end up making it again. This tank really shows off the drape in the fabric, and was a great first experience working with scuba fabric! (note: not intended for actual scuba diving)  Hopefully I’ll come across some fun stretchy remnant fabric soon! I like all-in-one facings much more than binding tape, so this is definitely a winner in my book. I think it’s very easy to style – jeans, leggings, slacks, and even tucked into a skirt!

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day inspo, check out my DIY roundup!

Real question: what’s better – Tank Top Tuesday or Taco Tuesday?

Danica ❤



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