cool in culottes || revisiting Vogue 9075

Alright gang – I finally understand what all the hype around this pattern. Some sewing bloggers say it’s their most used pattern ever, or the first pattern that gave them the confidence to sew! One of my favorite sewing bloggers, Rosy Pena, does an awesome job of talking about the pattern here! I tried it once — and was honestly like, meh. I didn’t love the fit, I hated doing the gathers in the skirt, and was overall underwhelmed. See my initial pattern review here!! But I’m not a quitter, y’all.

So we are back with another make.


I sized down, which was the primary modification from the initial garment. I also managed to accidentally cut the center front panel on the selvage instead of on the fold, and conveniently didn’t have enough of the olive green linen to cut out another 😭 regardless, I found a piece of home decor fabric that could take the place as the *star* of the show! I used this fabric a year ago for the second dress I ever made 😎 Hooray for accidental color blocking? Also, I unpicked the basting stitches done on the pleats — the instructions never stated how to leave the pleats but I removed the basting for a more flowy look.


I love the two-piece effect that’s achieved when wearing a jacket over the garment, which was a fun little surprise!

Anyways, short post today. I actually like the look of it, but this would be pretty hard to wear on a regular casual day around town. I could maybe wear it to nicer dinners or going to see a show… so it’s definitely a statement piece. Right after taking the photos, my friend and I went to happy hour and I felt dressy yet somewhat overdressed for the occasion. But maybe because I changed out of my heels and into Birkenstocks 😀


How do you guys feel about culottes? Is this a trend I should keep up with? Are constellations still trendy? 

~ to infinity and beyond ~



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