A Bunch of Batch Sewing Tips

As somewhat of a novice sewist, I’ve found that the easiest handmade gift during the holidays is definitely pajama pants. They are extremely forgiving when it comes to mistakes + super stretchy and comfy!

Joann Fabrics had 70% off all flannel fabrics during the week of Thanksgiving, so I decided that it was now or never! I took on the task of making 5 sets at once – for my parents, brother, boyfriend, and myself if there was extra fabric (there’s always extra fabric if you try hard enough 🙂 )

Once I got home with all my new flannel and thread, I realized how horrible it would be to sew 5 sets of the same exact pattern without tossing my sewing machine out of the window. I had heard of batch sewing in the depths of Instagram so I set out to do this for myself. To start, here’s a link to the pdf pattern I used – 5 out of 4 FREE pajama pants pattern!

I took a lot of risks, but here are my tips!

  1. Choose a straightforward pattern, maybe one that you’ve already used in the past! I made one set of pajama pants in the past, and a handful of jumpsuits so I was familiar with the general order of steps and how all the pieces fit together
  2. Skip the pins. Believe in yourself. I didn’t even use pins while I was cutting and felt very ~bold~ for doing so. I used my cellphone as a pattern weight, but I don’t think I should recommend that lol 🙃
  3. Skip the pressing (if your pattern can allow for that).
  4. Because this is a relatively large project with a ton of sewing, I recommend that you change your needle! I thought I could get away without changing to a fresh needle, but I noticed my machine start to skip stitches and the thread tension got all wonky 😦 don’t make the same mistake I did!
  5. Pick a coordinating thread that matches all your fabrics – I chose white because that blended the best with the light blue and grey flannels I was working with. Have extra thread in case you run out!
  6. Try chain piecing! This is more of a quilting technique, see link here. To me, this didn’t save a ton of time but it does reduce thread waste!
  7. Bundle your steps!Here’s how I broke it down: I cut all fabric at once, finished all raw edges with a zigzag stitch, joined every single pant leg front to back, and then attached all the right to left pant  legs to each other. Phew. I left adding the elastic waistbands and hemming for last (note: at this point, I used my iron).
  8. Take breaks! My breaks involved digging through my fridge for leftovers or making myself hot chocolate
  9. It’s okay if you make mistakes. Have a seam ripper at the ready for the truly disastrous ones, but these don’t have to be perfect PJs! Honestly, tiny mistakes are a reminder that these gifts were made by hand with a specific person in mind ❤
  10. Binge watch some great TV shows: I’m currently watching Riverdale, Mr Robot, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and am currently taking recommendations!

Final thoughts: I feel rather accomplished for knocking out 5 pairs of pants in about 2 evenings! It is vastly time consuming but now I’ve checked that off my to-do list. I’m a firm believer in the more sewing you do, the better your skills become. AND now I have an extra pair of pajama pants for myself 🙂

Thanks again for dropping by, friends! Leave me some comments down below! Let me know if you have any questions!


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